Continuing the story of the illegal construction in Seaside Park in Yalta - в помощь изучающим английский язык

 As reported recently, UNN, with reference to the page of the Prime Minister Azarov to Facebook http://uaport.net/news/ua/t/1207/14/3565476 , Crimea is - this is a very interesting region, where there is opportunity to combine leisure and development of agriculture. And it would be nice, dear Prime Minister of Ukraine and his retinue, taking the prime minister and speaker of the Crimean-builder to combine a walk in rural areas of the Crimea with a study tour to South Beach and the contemplation of the coast over the fences and barriers of illegal construction sites in the historic habitats, marine band, in parks, on beaches, especially the destroyedvineyards and finally to the conclusion - of whom a man directed in this country - GOVERNMENT OF BUILDERS builders or the government. Very important would look on the streets of Yalta and other cities of the Crimea next bigmord "KRYMCHANIN! BUILDER OF OUR PARKS AND BEACHES - HEROES OF OUR TIME! DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT! PROUD OF THIS! "


         Of course this has to be proud of anything. It turns out that hole in Seaside Park, which has angered the public in February of this year (see photo on the site) is not rummaging under the "Hilton", and the media, " undeservedly offended" company director "Elite Group" A.Deputata, who wanted but do not have time to dig a piton the sly for a hotel with parking and a helipad right on the beach near the site of illegally allocated by «Opera prima». How insulting! Those managed to build 14 floors of parking, but he did not. It would be illegal for two selected area - one more one less - what's the difference? With their little stands against the law for the construction of the Southern Coast of Crimea without approved building plans and zoning of cities?


         Meanwhile, the construction of another residential complex in the Seaside Park is in full swing during the peak holiday season and even the weekend. Andnobody else's business. Again there will be a miracle for the second visit to Yalta Sofronov brothers - out of nothing in historical habitat of Yalta, 100 meters seadefense BAND IN ADDITION TO «OPERA PRIMA» SOMETHING MULTISTOR IED grow again! Once again, the mayor and deputy divorced his hands - how to"trick". How long will last this disorder? Depends largely on the actions of government and law enforcement. But until we see only good intentions. This can be seen a game like that. Some pretend that the check and punished, while others pretend that they were afraid.


         But the Yalta city council in the meantime was well, very entertaining program of legal education at the Yalta population 2012-2013 years (see website Yaltahttp://yalta-gs.gov.ua/programs/4148------- -2012-2013 -). The most patient and inquisitive recommend read through the "masterpiece" epistolary genre of bureaucracyto the end and to the extent possible preferably with a straight face. We are delighted with "professionalism" of the legal department of the city council of Yalta to writeabout everything and about nothing in particular. Especially liked the part in the creation of legal clinics (at the end of the program). It seems to be recommended tostart first comprehensive clinical examination and treatment in these clinics, employees of the legal front (who wrote the program) and other officials of the Yalta City Hall, and only then treated in a clinic population.

         I suggest that the first practice session of legal education on the current topic - Construction of apartment and hotel complexes on the South Coast without permits and the procedure to study the production of construction approved by the Decree of the Cabinet 13.04.2011 № 466 (a framework for literacy - a short essayon the second site for particularly interesting is fully http://artpro.com.ua/info/permitting/107 - poryadok-proizvodstva-stroitelnix-rabot - in the references)

         And now propose to look closely at the first two pictures on the left and compare the labels on the construction of a multistory apartment building in the town ofSaki and residential complex in Seaside Park, Yalta. You appreciate the beauty of the game? STAND BUILDER in the seaside park about any PERMISSION TO START CONSTRUCTION OF SEEM TO STAND ON THE INFORMATION COLLECTION IN THE PARK, SPEECH IS NOT EVEN. Is a question to thePublic. GUARANTEE OF CONSTRUCTION LAW THEY SPEAKS AND BANK ESTATE AGENCY "Cambio." Buy supposedly fuckers - maybe later we'll buyand then show DECLARATION ON THE BEGINNING OF CONSTRUCTION WORK. And it's not funny! Where a notice in the media about the start of construction, and other detailed information under the above Order stroyrabot production. Why do they need to inform the mass media? Everything had to be sewn-hush, and without much publicity.

         Dear builders and those who do covers - YOU satisfactorily arranged! The citizens of Yalta do not care who is sitting under investigation for illegal allocation ofland in Seaside Park under the «Opera prima» or even sit for the allocation of land for residential development to the hut reading room being built next to (or for othercomplexes of the South Coast). The inhabitants of the Crimea is important, who will lead Seaside Park to its original state by law and that we as taxpayers are notpaying for a criminal outrage of dishonest officials and deputies.

         With such leaders of the budget of Yalta will long be empty. So back in 2009 by former Mayor S.Brayko tens of thousands of budget money was simply wastedthe first bad master plan Yalta http://yalta.org.ua/stolica/26/1243414558/ , but now the current mayor A.Boyarchuku should be given to private enterprise "Skylark" 9 million hryvnia due to the machinations of certain local officials of the previous appeal, which managed to sell half a floor of the House of Trade to two differentstructures http://ipc-bigyalta.org/new_big_yalta/5570.html , we have will need to pay about 26 mln. "Good builder" for illegally allocated land office official site for the construction of the hotel complex «Opera prima» in Seaside Park http://www.tourismnews.com.ua/news-2264.html examples is endless.    

         I read with interest the press about the initiative of the City Council annually on the Day of Cosmonautics - (space flight of Yuri Gagarin's first cosmonaut) toYalta with children getting too smart for competitions http://www.kianews.com.ua/node/44364  launch paper airplanes around the monument to the leader (who may in the future develop into international), and at this time, these children can be quiet, but specifically to steal Seaside Park Gagarin (and not only this park). We can alsoarrange for at least an intellectual competition for Navy Day - starting with a paper boat marina and other similar contests to stimulate the intellectual development of children. It is certainly better than an early age to study law and to hold contests on the Constitution and laws of Ukraine and teach children to protect their rights!Dreaming! Why our country is literate citizens who know their rights, and not just obligations?

         But let's still learning to defend their rights, and all will be easier to live. Authorities have not heard, or pretended not to hear, and therefore call on all people's deputies of different levels (remember, finally, that you people), community and environmental organizations, journalists, media, concerned citizens simply do not pass the facts and the lawlessness and mayhem fight for our environment and the future of children. To help the program of legal education we give an information request to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the fact of illegal construction in Seaside Park Yalta. This request is recommended to use to combat the illegal buildings parks, the coast of the Crimea as well as nationwide. Helping yourself!

                                                                           Sincerely, Alex Naydenov 

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